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- about the organization, its constitution, activities and contact details.

Biuletyn Polonijny

- Polonia information and business center in Montreal, Canada.


- Canada-Polish corner; info for new Polish immigrants to Canada.


- Michigan's center of Polish immigration. This is a directory of tourist information about the city of

Hamtramck and the Polish businesses located there.

Poles in Latin America

- information on this 2 million strong group.


- Polish page in Boston, United States.

Polish Canadian Net

- Polish home page in Canada.

Poland-related events in Washington, DC

- calendar of public events sponsored by Polish groups in Washington, D.C., and vicinities and other

public events related to Poland. Links to Poland-related D.C. area institutions and organizations.


- Polish home page in New York, United States.

Polonia in Monachium

- Polish home page in Munich, Germany. Cultural events, sports, meetings, religion, contacts.

Polonia Online

- Polonia home page in British Columbia, Canada. Organizations, media, businesses, telephone

book, events, links.


- web site about the Polish community in New York. Description of cultural events, exhibits etc.

Polish-language guide to New York.


- Polonia home page in Winnipeg, Canada. Polish organizations, media, businesses, private pages,


Wall of Honor

- celebrate your family's unique and personal contribution to American culture with an inscription on

The Wall of Honor!

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