PolishWorld: Reference: Directories


- Polish virtual domains directory.

Biuletyn Polonijny

- Polish home page in Montreal, Canada.

Inside Poland

- directory of Polish and Polonia links; strong news listing.


- internet addresses search engine.


- Polish internet search engine.


- free Polish-language classifieds.


- Polish-Californian Pages.

Poland in the Internet

- Polish search engine.


PolClub in Australia

Polen in Internet

- German directory of Polish internet resources.

Polish Canadian Net

Polish Homepages

Polish Vimall

Polish-American Network in Southern California

Polonia Channel

Polonia in Australia


- internet gateway for the Polish community in Ottawa, Canada.


- Polish history, government, sport, technology, leisure.

Polska Centralna

- internet directory of Central Poland.

Promotion of Poland

- subject catalogue maintained by the Polish Government.

Serwery Wyszukajace

- link to search engines and directory services.

Silesia Online

- Silesia online directory.

The Polish-American Page

Video Online

Wirtualny Slask

- directory of internet resources in Silesia.

Directory Delux - Poland

- categorised directory of Poland related sites from across the web.

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