PolishWorld: Organizations: Internet

Academic Computer Center "Cyfronet"

- in Poland.

Central and Eastern European Networking Association

- promotes regional networking among academic and research centers.

Christian Internet Society

- in Poland.


- association to develop European and international standards for integrating enterprises; in Poland.


- a club of Polish internauts in New York.

Kolo Naukowe Komputerowego Wspomagania Projektowania

- about the club, activities, members. CAD systems, programming C/C++, Java, HTML.


- Research and Academic Network in Poland.

Official TIGHT group WWW page

- page for users of ATARI xe/xl computers. Software, demos, links; in Poland.

Polish Chamber of IT and Telecommunications

- mission, status, government, newsletter, catalog, news.

Polish Internet Club

- in Germany.


- Polish-Australian Computer Group.

State Committee for Scientific Research

- government body to foster scientific development; in Poland.

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Uzytkownikow Internetu

- Polish Internet Users Association.

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