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- photographs of the death camp by Alan Jacobs.

Eva Galler-Oleszyce, Poland

- interview with the holocaust survivor about her life before and during WWII in Poland.

German soldiers brutalizing a Jew in Poland

- a part of the Pictorial History of the Holocaust on the internet.

Jan Karski: A Hero of the Holocaust

- Polish hero who tried to stop the Holocaust.

Jews in Lublin

- life and history of Lublin's Jewish Community.

Poland in Photographs, 1939-44

- The New York Public Library holds a set of anonymous photographs of Poland during World War

II which include striking documentation of the persecution and murder of Jews and Poles by the


The Wolf Lewkowicz Collection

- Yiddish letters written by a Polish Jew to his American nephew from 1922-39. They provide insight

into Jewish life in pre-war Poland.


- timeline of Polish-Jewish history drawn from multiple sources.

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