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Polishworld.com is one of 15 major Internet directories. Before it was limited in that it was difficult lists. Request was refused.

Now we have changed our admissions policy and we've hired editors to review any site and listen. Any website is welcome provided they have some minimum quality and is reviewed by our editors.

You will receive a certificate Polishworld.com in. pdf if your site has been approved. If you receive a rejection notice to the cause of the rejection and instructions with the help of admission to a future. You do not never receive an automated response from Polishworld.com

Below are the steps to submit your site to Polishworld.com:

You must send a mail to the address reviews@polishworld.com with the following information:

-Title, URL, description and category which aims to be listed. (The editors reserve the right to modify this information). You can suggest a new category if you do not find the right one for you.

After completing these steps, wait for the reply of the editor.

If you need further assistance please contact us at info@polishworld.com

Thank you very much for your interest in Polishworld.com


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