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Poland is a major European country which is rapidly developing both economically and as a major tourist destination. The only country in Europe not to fall into recession during the recent financial crisis, Poland is now an attractive country to invest in, with a booming property market, a strong stock exchange, and an extremely well-educated population. Although the country is currently benefitting from the inflows of European development funds, it is clear that Poland is more than able to stand on its own feet, with very low levels of public and private debt, and growing business infrastructure.

Poland is also enjoying a rapid growth of its tourism sector, which was given a huge boost with the hosting of the Euro 2012 football finals in June 2012. Co-hosted with Ukraine (the final was held in the Ukraine capital, Kiev), Poland has 4 cities that were centre-stage during the competition - the port city of Gdansk, Poznan, the capital Warsaw and the most important city of southwestern Poland, Wroclaw. Each city has invested large sums in stadia, accommodation, transport and ancillary infrastructure. Krakow, Poland's most popular destination city, will not be hosting matches, but will be the home of several teams, including the English football team, who will be based in Hotel Stary for the duration of the tournament.

Poland has an extremely varied environment, from the Baltic sea coast, extremely popular with visitors in the summer months, through the Mazurian Lake District, all the way to the impressive mountain ranges of the Tatry on the southern border, where the Zakopane ski resort attract millions of visitors each year. Ecotourism is also fast developing, with Poland an ideal country, as traditional farming methods still dominate the agricultural sector, and factory farming is almost non-existent.
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