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How 2B Started

Yes, the existence of 2B is a mystery. In 1994 in Chicago, several friends of mine and I felt that we must start an intellectual journal which might connect a new Europe, especially Poland, with the America of the 1990s. It was, and still is, a time of dramatic changes in political, philosophical, cultural, and economic landscapes on both continents, and demanded an extra venue for debate-a special journal. On the one hand, we were determined to bring into being something new and needed within our own community. On the other, the means to do this were either minimal or lacking. To represent our dual ties-to America and to Europe-we took a phrase from the European culture (Hamlet) and condensed it into the American style (mass culture), and this was the result: 2B.

Launched by a group of Poles, 2B has since expanded from the particular ("Polish affairs") to the universal ("a marketplace of ideas") where the Polish perspective, I would argue, has its best chance of being noticed. 2B is now like an international cafe abuzz with round-table discussions. While publishing world-class thinkers and writers, including the best American and Polish authors, it constantly evaluates whether, and to what extent, "Hamlet's question sounds different in every country" (Stanislaw Lec).

Tomasz Tabako, Editor

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